xforce Story

XFORCE was created by the world’s leading optics manufacturer and proven on back country epics and championship race tracks by athletes and adventurers. We serve World Cup winners and weekend warriors alike, pushing riders faster and farther in pursuit of the perfect ride.

Our mission has always been to create the world’s best optics for snow, road and dirt. We strive to give you crystal clarity, perfect focus and rock solid confidence through supreme quality optics.

XFORCE has almost 30 years of experience in creating glasses and goggles, distilled in to the products that you see today. It was created in-house by Oriver Optical, one of the world’s most experience optics manufacturers. We have been building optics for decades for hundreds of global brands. Building on that experience, XFORCE is our chance to create the perfect goggles and glasses on our own terms.

We work with some of the World’s best athletes to design, test and refine our products. Athletes like Dirt Propain Sixpack’s Phil Atwill will hammer our optics to destruction and nothing goes into production until our riders have proved them at the highest level.